Privacy Policy

Eolas Biosciences takes the appropriate handling of personally identifying information very seriously. We implement robust measures to protect such information and have established a privacy policy that is adhered to by all company management and employees. Details of our privacy policy are laid out below.

1. Definition of personal information

Personal information refers to information obtained from entities we deal with (pharmaceutical and bio-venture companies, medical institutes, universities and public research institutes) that can be used to identify an individual person. This includes information that can be combined with other information to readily identify an individual person. Personal information includes but is not limited to organization name, department, address, name, telephone number, email address, title, qualifications, details of inquiries etc.

2. Information protection and compliance with laws

The personal information we manage is handled in accordance with our information security system (ISMS) in order to protect it from leakage, corruption or loss. It is also handled in compliance with all relevant laws, national guidelines and other standards.

3. Usage

We use the personal information we obtain only for the purposes listed below and never use it for any other purpose. Personal information will be used for other purposes only if consent for that purpose has been obtained from the relevant person.

  1. Responses and communications relating to inquiries
  2. Managing product sales and contract research projects
  3. Provision of information that may be useful (marketing)
  4. Management of information on entities we interact with
  5. Management of employment and personnel

4. Non-disclosure

We do not divulge or provide personal information to any third party, except in the following cases:

  1. Where the relevant person has consented to information release
  2. When the information is anonymized so that individual persons cannot be identified
  3. When divulgence of the information is required by law

When consent is given to release personal information to a third party, the information release takes place under a confidentiality agreement with that third party.

5. Access rights

We will promptly address requests relating to the personal information we store. For example, confirmation on the type of information we hold and how it is being used, corrections and deletion or destruction of the information, and requests for non-divulgence to third parties. Please contact us for further information on request procedures.

6. Voluntary provision

The provision of personal information to us is entirely voluntary. However, in cases where the necessary personal information is not provided, it may not be possible for us to offer certain information or services.

7. Website data

When accessing our website, the following information is automatically collected as statistical data, but it does not include any personally identifying information.

  1. Client, IP address and domain
  2. Environment (operating system, browser and language settings etc.)
  3. Website page viewing records

8. Changes

Our privacy policy may occasionally change, for example to conform to changes in relevant laws and regulations. As deemed necessary, we consult with the Japanese Personal Information Protection Commission ( with respect to laws on the protection of personal information and other issues that may arise pertaining to the handling of personal information.

9. Inquiries

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on our privacy policy. Options for getting in touch can be found on the “Contact” page of this website:



Enacted: 1st July 2015
Latest revision: 8th April, 2019